The History of Barns Green

Barns Green is a young village, but we have a wealth of historic houses amongst the Victorian and 20th century additions to our housing.

100 years ago just a handful of farms and cottages were located along what was then the main road to Shipley. The picture right shows Chapel Road with a pair of Victorian cottages and the 16th century Blacksmiths Cottage behind.

Below is Two Mile Ash Road with early Victorian cottages in the foreground and a later Victorian house in the background.


BG 109

We have three books available giving more information on the history of our village.


Barns Green & Itchingfield Then & Now is a superb collection of 285 photographs and maps detailing the changing face of the parish over the centuries. Published in 2012. Price £15.00 + p&p

Barns Green - A Personal Local History is as engaging collection of the memoirs of David Francis who lived in Barns Green for most of his life. Informative, funny and touching, the book captures a countryman's life during the 20th century. Published in 2005. Price £10 + p&p

Itchingfield School - is a complete history of this idyllic rural school from its founding in 1854 through to its 150th anniversary in 2004. Published in 2005. Price £9.00 + p&p.

For more information about the history of the village, copies of the books may be obtained at BG Village Store, or to make enquiries for searches in the local archive contact our Archivist by clicking the button below.

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